Vidarbha region of Maharashtra state and especially Yavatmal district is known as a suicide capital of India. India is an agrarian country with 60% of its population is depending on the agriculture. A BBC News report records more than 300000 farmers’ suicide in India so far. These are distressing figures and hence Udhhar has started reaching out to the farmers in Yavatmal district. The farmers are helped with alternative means of livelihood, skill training, counseling and farm equipment. Few farmers are helped to irrigate their farms.



We have constructed houses for the destitute among the farming community in Yavatmal district. We select mostly widows and physically challenged people from the farming community and help them to fulfill their dream of having a concreate house along with the sanitation facilities. 



Vidarbha region of Maharashtra has faced severe water scarcity. More than 12000 villages impacted due to this water crisis. Women mostly carry water on their heads every day. This causus several health issues to them because they have to fetch water almost 2-3 kilometers every day. Udhhar has provided Water Wheels to different villages so that daily water fetching can be easier.

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Udhhar is working among the rag pickers in Nagpur. Most of these rag pickers are migrated from Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. They live in a slum area situated near dumpling yard in Bhandewadi, Nagpur. Udhhar has started a holistic development centre for this community. Udhhar is helping the rag pickers with three major initiatives.

1. Community Development

2. Child Development

3. Skill Training



Udhhar is reaching out to the tribal communities in Gadchiroli, Dhule and Nandurbar district in Maharashtra. Most of the interior places do not have health facilities or health awareness. They do not even have access to quality education. Udhhar is conducting medical camps in the interior tribal villages to provide free medical treatments, started educational center where children get tutorials, career guidance and counseling. Udhhar is also enrolling school drop-out children back to the school.  



Udhhar has purchased buffaloes, given goats, provided with small business development training and provided help to start small income generation programs.  

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