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Our Programs

Udhhar Multipurpose Society provides services that empower people to improve their lives. We are committed to making a positive impact in the community through our holistic and compassionate approaches.


Holistic Child Development

This is our passion. We have two child development centres: Nagpur & Dhule.

Reclaim Social Enterprises

Many women from the communities were provided employment.

Woman in a Field

Hope for Farmer's program

Vidarbha region of Maharashtra is known as the suicide capital of India.

Promoting Safe Sanitation

Rural communities still engage in open defecation. It is an unhealthy practice.

Rag Pickers Community

The Rags Pickers Community migrate to the city from Madhya Pradesh.

Strong Tower Housing Program

Udhhar has constructed houses for the farm widows & homeless in society.

More programs

We also offer a variety of educational programs such as workshops, seminars, and trainings. Our programs are designed to empower and strengthen individuals and families, and to provide them with the tools they need to lead healthy and productive lives. Additionally, we offer programs to help individuals develop life skills, increase their self-esteem, and develop healthy relationships.

Holistic Wellness

Vidarbha region of Maharashtra state is known as the suicide capital of India for farmer suicides. A BBC News report records more than 300000 farmers’ suicide in India so far. India is an agrarian country where 60% of the economy is dependent on agriculture.

of Love

 There is a rise of cancer cases in India. Many children also suffer from cancer and the treatment process can be stressful, stealing their childhood. It is painful to go through the rounds of chemotherapy or any other treatment.

Relief, Restoration, and Rehabilitation program

Udhhar is one of the leading organizations in the city to provide relief, restoration, and rehabilitation in times of disaster and pandemic. We provided groceries to more than 3000 families during the COVID lockdown.

Tribal Development Initiatives

We are working in the Gadchiroli and Dhule districts of Maharashtra which are known for their tribal population. We are striving to bring tribal communities into the mainstream. 

Sustainable Water Resources

Many villages in the Vidarbha region suffer acute water scarcity. We provide these villages with bore wells. Many villages are dry and do not have water sources. Women mostly fetch water on their heads from a long distance. 


We conduct constant training for the community we serve. We have training on Building Strong Marriages, Basic Business Skills, Leadership Development Training, and Personality Development Training. A huge difference is seen when people go through different training sessions.

Around the Center

More programs and services we are providing and are aiming to provide for the betterment of the future of this community.


Teaching Classrooms

Classrooms for teaching the children of the community was developed in the past to give them good education.

Computer Lab

We are planning to create a computer lab where we can train people of the community to do better with the advanced tools.

Sewing Classes

Women in the society here are skilled to understand the sewing techniques and are doing well with their new occupation.

Technical Training

We are planning to plant technical institute to cater to the young crowd of the community who can be trained well.

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